San Agustin’s exquisite pulpit

San Agustin’s puplit One of the most elegant woodwork in the entire church must be the exquisite pulpit located at the corner of the transept and nave, epistle side of the church. The intricacies of the carvings, its uniqueness and age alone are worthy of mention. Commissioned in 1627, it cost 2, 413 pesos pulpit2.jpg and is made from narra, a hardwood tree.

The pulpit is hexagonal. The upper part is the tornavoz, or the sound board topped by an image of a blindfolded figure carrying a cross. Just below it is a carving of the Holy Spirit. Below the tornavoz, and partly hidden from view because it is inside the pulpit is a relief of St. Augustine (right). It can however be seen from a distance.

pulpit details

Left, details of two of the columns. Middle, the blindfolded figure atop the pulpit. Below, inverted pineapple at the bottom of the pulpit which seems to be a common motif in many churches not just the San Agustin.


Above, three details of the panels that can be found on the middle part of the pulpit. These are recognizable symbols of the Augustinian order.

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