Sala de Profundis

pantheon The Sala de Profundis was where the Augustinian friar community used to gather to pray for their brethren and benefactors as well as for the souls of the dead. This was also the antechamber to the refectorio where the community gathered for their meals and snacks.

Juan Luna’s tombIn 1933, after a petition by many prominent families in Manila, the Sala de Profundis was transformed into the pantheon for the dead. Many prominent people are interred here including the famed painter and national hero Juan Luna (right), Pardo de Tavera and Teodoro Agoncillo. Scions of the Paterno, Zobel, Soriano, McMicking, Ayala and other families are buried here.


One can also rent a space here by contacting the administrative office of the Church.

Near the close of World War II, 18 February 1945, 140 Spanish civilians including 37 religious from the Augustinian, Recollect, Franciscan and Capuchin orders were brought from the San Agustin monastery that served as a concentration camp and were brought to the bomb shelters in the ruins of the Governer’s Palace across the Manila Cathedral. Grenades were then lobbed inside killing all. The monument (top and topmost) was erected in memory of these victims.

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