San Agustin’s belfry

belfry3.jpg The belfry can be accessed through a narrow but short passageway at the antecoro, the room just before the choirloft. This passageway is a spiral staircase of adobe with a balustrade at the upperhalf made of hardwood. The first level leads to the rooftop while the bells can be found at the second level. Note that in 1854, it was agreed in a meeting that this second level be added for aesthetic reasons.

Originally, there were two belfries, one at each side but when the earthquake of 1880 struck, the slight damage caused by the 1863 earthquake became apparent and for reasons of public safety, the affected belfry was demolished.

Access to this part of the church is restricted and is not part of the museum visit. Maybe it has something to do with a visitor’s safety since the top of the pediment is open.


Left, the void covered with cement is what remains of this demolished tower. Right, the rooftop with its tejas and remaining belfry as seen from where the other used to stand.


An inside view of the belfry. Left, the wooden landing at the topmost part. The bells, not shown, are hung at the second level. Right, brick work constitute the construction of the belfry.


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