Some trompe l’oeil details at San Agustin

trompedetail3.jpg The trompe l’oeil paintings found inside of San Agustin is just impressive and awe inspiring. However because of the height of the ceiling and the often unlighted interior especially if there are no masses, some wonderful details can often be missed. Take for example at the crossing of the transept and nave where a faux dome is painted, two doves (left) can be seen between two pillars. In the other parts, its a riot of rosettes, emblems of the four evangelists, angels, and symbols.

However, unlike the facistol, choirstalls and some carvings inside the church, one cannot find a fusion of oriental with the occidental. East with West. Its purely a western interpretation by the two scenographers, Alberoni and Dibella who were commissioned right after they arrived in Manila from Europe.


The symbols of the four evangelists that can be found at various parts of the nave.


Additional details showing some trompe l’oeil found at the center of the nave (2, left) and at the sides (2, right).


Other details showing the biblical covenant (left) and a sacred host (right).

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  1. Beautiful indeed!

    It’s nice to know that the Augustinians were able to preserve this and other treasures, which in some way or another was the opposite for the San Agustin Church in Cebu (now the Basilica).

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