Oslob church camarin

The <em>camarin</em> or shed of Oslob located at the back of the church.
The camarin or shed of Oslob church located at the back. (circa 2005)

The <em>camarin</em> today is now used as a temporary area where masses are said.
Today, it is a temporary area where weekday
masses are said. (circa 2008)
On 26 March 08, an 8 hour fire gutted the more than a century old kumbento (parish house) and church of Oslob in Cebu. What was left were the thick stone walls and belfry as well as an icon of the parish patron. This is my tribute to this beautiful and historic church with photos taken in 2005, 2006 and 2008. This is the 9th installment of a series.

The camarin or shed is where, typically, the church items are stored. In Oslob, this shed is located a few meters from the back of the church just beside the tennis court and still has its original walls and wooden posts made from an entire tree trunk with the roof replaced with galvanized sheets. The first time I went inside back in 2005, there were lots of antique items ranging from a wooden tabernacle, wooden busts of religious images, wooden stand with the Augustinian emblem carved on each side and even a small metal carroza.

After the fire, it now serves as a temporary area where weekday masses are said. Below are images taken in 2005 and 2008 including some antique items that were just dumped inside.

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