Oslob church perimeter fence and well

Part of the perimeter stone fence bearing the name of the street dedicated to Fray Aragones. (photos taken 2005)

The just recently discovered well of the church.
On 26 March 08, an 8 hour fire gutted the more than a century old kumbento (parish house) and church of Oslob in Cebu. What was left were the thick stone walls and belfry as well as an icon of the parish patron. This is my tribute to this beautiful and historic church with photos taken in 2005, 2006 and 2008. This is the 10th installment of a series.

What I like about the church in Oslob is that, compared with the churches in Cebu, its perimeter stone fence is still in good condition. It has massive stone pillars marking the entrances and in two instances, the name of the streets can still be seen as it was carved on the coral stone blocks in the 19th century. However, the fence is not complete as one side, located at the back, is no longer present

The perimeter fence was constructed by Fray Mauricio Alvarez (1866-1881, 1883-1884, 1888-1892) during his second term as attested to the inscribed year of 1879. At the left side of the church, one marker stands out: the street name dedicated to Fray Juan Jose Aragones (1848-1854, 1859-1861, later assigned as Bishop of Nueva Segovia, now Vigan City) who built the streets of the poblacion during his second term especially the roads used in religious processions.

The well located infront of the church was recently discovered to have existed when landscaping work was being done. It is lined with coral stone blocks and covered with a metal grill to prevent accidents.


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  2. Estimados Estan,

    I’ve heard of Oslob before and was extremely saddened with what happened to their Iglesia, its a miracle that the Immaculada Concepcion has been spared, same thing happened in Mandaue’s San Jose Parish, which was also ravaged by fire. Its about time that the local government improve the firefighting capabilities of its fire dept., which I’ve heard is very obsolete, as we witnessed in Oslob which was on fire for 8 hours!

    I’m here in Cebu right now, doing my rounds and I’m having fun, I’ll be here for sometime so I’ll get to travel the island extensively. I’m not really a beach bum, more of a history nerd, and your site has been an amazing resource for me.

    Let me congratulate you my friend, you’ve done great work here, I’m a big fan of your site!

    Dios le bendiga.

    un abrazo


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