Talisay Church left wing renovation in progress

As what I have mentioned previously in this post, the gospel side of the Talisay church is now renovated to form a covered area for parishioners, just like what was done to the epistle side. The thick walls, however, are still intact.

The burgeoning population of the city means additional parishioners. For this church, the rising number of parishioners has to be accommodated.

Over the ruins of Oslob Church, hope and the future

Last March 28, at 1 AM, a fire broke out in the room of the parish priest in the “kumbento” or parish house of the 178 year old church of Oslob, a southern municipality in Cebu and three hours ride from Cebu City. Of the two firetrucks available in the town, one was broken and the other cannot start that the townsfolk has to push it near the church. However, despite their efforts, the fire raged on. It was only contained when firemen from the neighboring towns of Argao and Santander came in to help. After eight hours, the “kumbento” burned down.