Talisay Church left wing renovation in progress

Talisay church with left with renovated left wing
Talisay church with renovated left wing

As what I have mentioned previously in this post, the gospel side of the Talisay church is now renovated to form a covered area for parishioners, just like what was done to the epistle side. The thick walls, however, are still intact.

The burgeoning population of the city means additional parishioners. For this church, the rising number of parishioners has to be accommodated. Over the years, the number of priests have been tripled and masses said in this church have also been increased. But even with this changes, the faithful are still spilling out of the church on some times.


  1. Re: archival photo of the recoletos church, sure you can use it bai.. The photo was provided by an OAR friar who has an account in Flickr. rl224 iya nick.

  2. Oppss I just checked his Flickr and dili na active..

    Just use nalang the photos in my site bai.

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