Carcar Church’s unique façade

The unique façade of Carcar Church

The three tiered Graeco-Roman façade of the church of Carcar is simple yet elegant. While such style can also be found in a few other places in the country, it is not as severe as that of Talisay, a few towns to the north or Bacnotan, La Union in Luzon. The interplay of planes, arches and quiant details make this tall and compact church one of the unforgettable structures in this island province.

Flanking the main entrance are solid and thick buttresses plainly rendered and are capped with the twin belfries. Taming the vertical thrust of the structure is the massive arch that softens the façade as well as draws the eye. Here, one can find most of the embelishments that can be found: flora, a blind rosette window, medallion and the Augustinian Order’s seal.

Contrasting with the plain lower tiers, the third level where the baroque pediment and flanking belfries are situated is much more complex. A circular window is surmounted with a clock while three cherubs are located at the sides and top. A carved wreath decorates the bottom part. The incorporation of Muslim architectural elements boldly expressed in the minaret like form of the latter’s dome is it’s memorable feature.


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