The dead inside Carcar Church

Like most old churches in the country, one can find many tombs of notable people of the town inside Carcar Church. Creepy as it may sound but it has been the practice especially for those individuals and their families who contributed greatly to the church through it’s construction or donated something for the church’s use.

The choirloft of Carcar Church

In most old churches in the Philippines, the choirloft is situated at the far end of the church and just above the main portal. Carcar Church is no exception. Entrance is through a flight of wooden stairs at it’s left. A close inspection of the walls near these steps indicate a previous installation that shows a direct ascent up. Today, one negotiates a total of three flights.

Carcar Church’s pulpit

Carcar Church is one of a few simbahan in Cebu that still has its pulpit intact. Like it’s simple neoclassic façade, it echoes the architectural style and you’ve got an unassuming woodpiece that nevertheless, stands out from the whitewashed walls

Carcar Church’s coffered and painted ceiling

Of all the churches in Cebu, Carcar Church differs for it’s breathtaking coffered ceiling at the lateral naves. The series of patterns done in wood looks simple but upon close inspection, the intricacy is stunning. Despite its simple and almot bare façade, the details on the ceiling does give a pleasant surprise to the visitor.