Carcar Church sacristy and attic

The sacristy is spacious and the room above it is the church's storeroom.

The sacristy is spacious and the room above it is the church's attic that serves as a storeroom..

Behind the presbytery is Carcar Church’s sacristy. It’s spacious and almost bare that one’s eyes notice immediately the lengthy antique cabinet/table between the two doors that opens to the main altar. Wide windows give ample lighting as the musty coral walls give an old feel to it. At the back, a wide, wooden and rickety staircase leads to the attic that serves as the church’s storeroom.

The photos used in this series were taken between 2005 and 2008 as the author visits this church from time to time. Special thanx to Lorens Gibb Lapinid for the assistance in 2008. It’s the first time I’ve been to a church attic and it’s not creepy or dark unlike the one in Catmon Church that I’ve visited this year. It is bright and airy. Old and headless statues of saints and angels, as well as some other unused church items are stored here.

Back to the sacristy, old red tiles contrasts with the black and white ones used at the nave. At the side, is an old door with some relieves on it that leads out of the church. This door is interesting since one carving at the top shows a church that is not the present structure. What significance does this hold? Another interesting feature is found outside. Just gaze up the windows and there are beautiful details.

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