Augustinian Recollects in the Philippines until 1898

The first Augustinian Recollects arrived in Cebu in 1606 and later on sailed to Manila where they established their convent in Bagumbayan. From that time to the close of the 19th century, they have evangelized and established many of the frontier areas and their histories, are very much intertwined with the Jesuits, the Seculars and the political upheavals of the 19th century played a big role in the emerging nationalism in the Philippines culminating in the Philippine Revolution of 1898.

Simbahan – Regalado Trota Jose

This book is on churches and other religious edifices built in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial regime, 1565-1898. The forms, materials and construction techniques of these edifices will be discussed, along with their furnishings such as religious statuary, paintings and vessels.