Unfinished Oslob Cuartel patched with marble slabs

One of the rooms of the cuartel which has been cleaned

One of the rooms of the cuartel which has been cleaned

Pieces of marble have been used on the wall

Pieces of marble have been used on the wall

During my revisit at the Oslob church, I was surprised that the unfinished cuartel was already cleaned up and light fixtures were already placed for spectacular lighting at night. The place looked good and the local government unit is really seeing the value of this structure to local tourism as well as heritage consciousness.

However, there seems to be some overlooked, though minor, thing: pink marble slabs used in place of coral stones where the latter has been pried off.

To the casual observer, this might be negligible but for keen eyes, the pink marble slabs is quite incongruous to the overall look. In the first place, why use these type of material when there are readily available cut coral stones sold commercially? Will this be corrected?

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  1. I saw them cutting these marble stones to size the day I visited this place. I’m not sure exactly why they have not used more fitting materials of preference for the old Cuartel. While I admire the efforts of groups & individuals in Oslob whom I heard fought long and hard for the Cuartel to be restored, I believe it is important that these “restorations” are coordinated with government departments [National Museum] and international experts [for technical supervision] in order to achieve the best possible results.

  2. nald, while the intention is good, people should also learn that its not just for the sake of placing this kind of materials. i do hope they will get educated. this was also raised in one of the forums and was stopped.

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