Roxas City Catholic Cemetery entrance

The Spanish colonial era cemetery entrance in Roxas City is elegant and one of the most beautiful in the country

The first time I saw this cemetery entrance when I visited the Roxas City Catholic cemetery in Capiz, I was awed by its elegance and size. It is huge compared with the others that I have seen to date. While the one in Janiuay in Iloilo is considered the grandest with three gates atop a flight of stairs and a series of wrought iron grills, this one tops them all as far as beautiful gates are concerned.

The cemetery entrance used to be a covered structure, similar to the simple one in Duero, Bohol, but with only the facade and two pillars remaining. It has three portals with the center bigger than the two flanking it. Atop the center portal is a bas relief of a cross with rays and a series of discs surrounding it while two blind occuli sit beside it and are above the two side portals.

The structure is topped with a triangular pediment with an empty central niche flanked with floral bas reliefs and this is supported with decorative columns with corinthian capitals. I’m not really so sure about the purpose of this structure and why it is covered. From the front, one can see the beautiful cemetery chapel at the center.


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