The old cemetery of Saravia, Negros Occidental

The old cemetery chapel of Sarabia, Negros Occidental

Sandwiched between the cities of Victorias and Silay in Negros Occidental is the town of Saravia (now known as E. B. Magalona, after a senator who hails from this place). The church is a modern construction but one notable structure that readily caught my attention is its Spanish colonial era cemetery, a legacy of the Augustinian Recollects who took charge of the spiritual administration of this municipality and island.

The old cemetery isn’t hard to miss as it’s just along the national highway but I wasn’t expecting this one that I nearly passed it unnoticed as the bus sped its way. But really, I’m impressed. It is still complete: a cemetery chapel built at the backside with two levels of niches spanning the length of the back in line with the facade. A newer level of niches was then added. At its entrance, the cemetery arch still exist with its perimeter fence and beautiful iron grills. The structures are built with mortar and bricks.


  1. This is simply amazing! Someday when I already have the means to travel all over the Philippines, I’ll visit the many places that were featured here. I just wish when that time comes, they’d still be existing. Thanks! This website is a dream-come-true for me! XD

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