Old cemetery perimeter fence of Saravia

Saravia's old cemetery entrance arch and gate

Part of the original wall at the back near the old niches. A much older wall?

Saravia’s old cemetery is still intact with its chapel and portions of the perimeter fence, all made from bricks. Entrance to the area is through a simple arch with a still original but already bent metal gate.

The design of this arch echoes the main design of the chapel’s pediment and portal decorations which is, again, muted. Unlike most other cemeteries, I can’t find any skull and crossbone design or any motif that is connected with death.

The perimeter fence is typical but smaller in scale when compared to those of Cabatuan, Sta. Barbara, Janiuay and Guimbal, all in Iloilo. It still has its original metal grills that is similar in design with the rest. One curious thing about this is, at the back, beside the original niches is still a portion of, perhaps, a much older wall that is made from stone. It has a smaller column and no grills.

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