Anini-y Church’s beautiful facade and rich details

The beautiful and richly executed Augustinian emblem atop the main portal of Anini-y Church

The facade of Anini-y Church

The sight of Anini-y Church is quite welcome to the traveler from Iloilo. After the more than two hours bus and jeepney trip from Iloilo City, across mountains, coastal municipalities, well paved and bad roads, there it is, simple but enlivened with the rich details found at its facade.

Like most other churches in the country, the facade still follows the main template: a rectangular level topped with a triangular pediment. From a distance, it does look squat, just like most similar structures, but its linearity of design, well arranged details and clean divisions make it pleasant to the eyes.

The first level is equally divided into three. The main portal is at the center with its arch beautifully decorated with rosettes. A bishop’s miter is carved at the arch’s midpart. Atop it is a rectangular relief where an inscription might have been put. A beautiful and richly designed emblem, though quite small, of the Augustinians, the builder of this church, is at the topmost. The center’s flanks are with niches where the arches are decorated with acanthus leaf bas reliefs. Atop these are circular windows.

The center of the pediment, which is standard and where the patron saint is placed, has a beautifully carved niche ringed with acanthus leaf bas reliefs. It also echoes the main facade with its own triangular pediment topped with finials. Below this is a pair of corinthian columns. Flanking this are blind oculi.

The pediment has two finials at its side, with the right one, when facing the church, still intact while the other one has broken its top. At the center is just a remnant of the lower portion of the cross. The broken off part is now found among the debris in the ruined kumbento.


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