Anini-y Church’s baptistry

The beautiful rock hewn baptismal font, undated

The baptistry of Anini-y Church is located at the base of the belfry with a vaulted stone ceiling made of corals. It has two large arched windows and the walls are a meter thick. When one enters the main portal, it is at the left through an arched entrance. Two things that will readily catch one’s attention:

  • the baptismal font, and
  • the niche with decorative elements

The baptismal font is really interesting. While most churches have these made of marble with a simple finish and usually, etched with the date, except that of Carcar, the one in Anini-y is made from rock hewn stone with decorative bas relief on its surface. I haven’t seen any dates etched on the surface.

For the niche, it has stylized decorative corinthian columns, urn like finials, a fascia with dentils and below it are a series of rosettes. What makes this different from other churches I’ve seen is that instead of the common triangular pediment, a fanlike projection with a base takes it’s place. This motif is also copied at the presbytery which is modern.

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