The old cemetery of Anini-y, Antique

Front wall with huge pillars crowned with finials

It is not known when the old cemetery of Anini-y in Antique, just at the side of the main road and a few kilometers from the town center, was built but the design is the same with the neighboring town of Tobias Fornier (formerly Dao). It consists only of wall with massive rectangular pillars. The front has lower walls and the pillars crowned with finials while the back has higher and the pillars not decorated.

The entrance at the front has two massive pillars, bigger than those found at the walls and I assume that it supported a canopy before. Now, only a modern and cement arch that is very incongruous with the architecture connect these two with an iron wording that reads:

Mabanhaw kami (We will be resurrected)

The walls are made from cut coral stones, just like the church and ruined kumbento.


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