My church photos in Mabuhay Magazine

The page spread containing my photos, except for Betis Church interior

Third page showing Batanes heritage churches

Several of my photos of churches were published in Philippine Airline’s March 2012 issue of its inflight magazine, Mabuhay.

In an article written by Mico Manalo entitled VISITA IGLESIA: 7 Expressions of Art and Faith, my photos of the churches of Guiuan in Samar, Sta. Ana in Manila, interior of Tayabas church in Quezon and the Batanes churches of Mahatao, Ivana and Sabtang.

While the author seems to know these churches, he still propagates the myth that Gustave Eiffel of France’s Eiffel Tower fame built the San Sebastian Minor Basilica in Quiap, Manila, the only steel church done in neo-gothic architecture in Asia.

I’ve been a photo contributor for Mabuhay for some years now, including other churches in last year’s visita iglesia write up. This month of May, my first article with them plus photos got published.


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