Pitogo Church interior and extension structure

Pitogo Church is one of the interesting churches in Quezon province’s Bondoc Peninsula in terms of form with its semicircular pediment that is uncommon in the country. However, the interior has already been modernized with no trace of the old. Beside the church and at the presbytery area is an extension structure which is also …


Pitogo Church roof and belfry

Although much of the interior of Pitogo Church has been renovated, there are still some old construction that can be found, if one knows where. While the exterior, both the front and side facades have some interesting details etched in stone, the upper parts of the church holds some surprises. First, as one gaze up …


Front and side facade details of Pitogo Church

Pitogo Church is one of four heritage churches in Quezon province’s Bondoc Peninsula and is interesting in its not so usual form with its semicircular pediment. Unlike other churches that have elaborate details, this one is rather austere. The church facade has three levels that more or less follows the typical Philippine church facade: main portal flanked …


The beautiful church of Pitogo

The town of Pitogo, a municipality in the Bondoc Peninsula in Quezon province used to be located along the Mayubok River in a what is now called Pinagbayanan and was established in 1754. Due to the frequent muslim slave raids, it was transferred to Cawayanin in 1760. But when the image of its patron, St. …


The rape of Iskong Bantay

Iskong Bantay is the lone watchtower left in Atimonan, Quezon. According to the historical marker, there used to be seven built in 1752 which served the town as a lookout and defense structure from muslim slave raiders who ravaged these parts, and most of the Philippines. READ MORE: Tea, trade and tears: the Muslim slave …


Some mortuary chapels in Luzon and the Visayas

Extant mortuary chapels in the country are hard to find. Except maybe if you are in the province of Iloilo where there are a few excellent examples. However, beyond that province and Cebu, there are also scattered across the rest of the regions but not all and I haven’t seen one from Mindanao. During my travels, I was able to find some that are now posted here.