The old cemetery walls of Tobias Fornier

It’s kind of creepy, reading the inscription infront of the entrance arch of Tobias Fornier (formerly Dao) Catholic cemetery in Antique. It reads: Kami Karon – Kamo Dason From the Karay-a language, it means: It’s now us, yours will be soon. But other than that, I just fell in love with the existing cemetery walls …


Anini-y Church’s kumbento

The construction of the original kumbento (parochial house) of Anini-y was continued by Fray Jeronimo Vaquerin when he arrived 1878 and finished it a year later. During World War II, it was almost totally destroyed and the current structure was built over the ruins.

Anini-y Church’s baptistry

The baptistry of Anini-y Church is located at the base of the belfry with a vaulted stone ceiling made of corals. It has two large arched windows and the walls are a meter thick. When one enters the main portal, it is at the left through an arched entrance.

Anini-y Church, a gem at Antique’s end

The province of Antique, a long sliver of land and mountains by the sea stretching from one end to the other, at the western side has, at its tail end, a beautiful Spanish colonial era church, probably the only intact one in Antique. Made from cut coral stones, it has interesting details at its facade, a wide front dominated with large acacia trees while its kumbento is found a few meters at its right.