Simbahan – Regalado Trota Jose

This book is on churches and other religious edifices built in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial regime, 1565-1898. The forms, materials and construction techniques of these edifices will be discussed, along with their furnishings such as religious statuary, paintings and vessels.

Fortress of Empire – Rene Javellana, SJ

Rene Javellana, SJ’s Fortres of Empire book is perhaps the best reference, so far, to introduce the reader to the fortifications in the country. These are oft forgotten aspect of Philippine heritage and the dark history that it represents. It is not too large and is full of beautful colored pictures of structures, details as well as places. Archival imagesas well as artist’s rendering and isometric drawings of some forts and watchtowers are included.

Angels in Stone – Pedro Galende, OSA

One of the most accessible book on Philippine Churches is the earlier landmark work of Pedro G. Galende, OSA, Director of the San Agustin Musuem, entitled Angels in Stone: Augustinian Churches in the Philippines. It has been dubbed as the first comprehensive documentation of Augustinian churches in the Philippines and the most authoratitative piece of literature in its class. Here the author documents the 162 churches that the Augustinians have erected in the country from the start of their evangelization in 1565 until the end of Spanish administration in 1898 spanning a good 333 years.

San Agustin: Art & History, 1571-2000 – Galende & Jose

San Agustin: Art and History, 1571 – 2000 by Pedro Galende, OSA and Regalado Trota Jose, both noted and respected figures of Philippine colonial church history and its ardent supporters and proponents, is a wonderful book on the oldest stone church in the country. It is a follow-up to the first author’s work, San Agustin: Noble Stone Shrine, which was published 10 years before this title.