The quaint cemetery chapel of Tigbauan

The cemetery is about one kilometer from the church, just along the highway. I wasn’t expecting much as Tigbauan hasn’t been listed as one with a grand cemetery chapel just like the ones found in San Joaquin, Miag-ao (now in ruins), Janiuay, Cabatuan or Dingle. It is located at a hill with around a hundred …


Some mortuary chapels in Luzon and the Visayas

Extant mortuary chapels in the country are hard to find. Except maybe if you are in the province of Iloilo where there are a few excellent examples. However, beyond that province and Cebu, there are also scattered across the rest of the regions but not all and I haven’t seen one from Mindanao. During my travels, I was able to find some that are now posted here.

Old cemetery and mortuary chapels in Cebu

The cemetery and mortuary chapels in Cebu are not as grand as those in Iloilo and are in different degrees of condition with most having been renovated and one in near collapse. In this post, I am presenting the eight cemetery and mortuary chapels that can be found in Cebu: Calamba (Cebu City), Sibonga, Argao, Dalaguete and Oslob.